About me

My name is Elena, I am from Haro but my childhood has always been linked to my father's village, Rodezno. There I spent long summer afternoons with my grandmother Eloísa, fluttering around the fire, with the aroma of roasted peppers and tomatoes for canning.

About the house

El Mirador de Eloísa arose from the opportunity to keep the old farmhouse of my great-grandparents, reforming it and turning it into a rural house, to dedicate a small tribute to them and give a second life to that beloved family home.

If the old walls could talk, they would tell us stories..

... On the first floor, which was the stable, the animals slept in the shelter of its thick stone walls. Mares, horses, pigs, turkeys, chickens... my grandmother Eloísa told me with affection how she had slept here on several occasions, to help foals or pigs to be born. All the animals were treated with affection and respect, and in turn they returned her good work every day in the field.

... On the second floor was the kitchen, the soul of the home, of which we have preserved the old marble sink and the wooden frames. Several memories come to mind, such as the stews that were prepared for the long days of work from sunrise to sunset on the land, or the jackets, socks and sweaters that were knitted stitch by stitch with so much love, without forgetting the sheets, embroidered with so much effort, that I still find it difficult to distinguish the right and the wrong side.

... In the attic there were the mud floors that today adorn the windowsills of the house, the old trunks kept funny costumes made from old clothes ... and on the old wooden beams, the sausages from the slaughter were hung to air; this is undoubtedly the memory closest to my memory, climbing as a child with my grandmother Eloísa to help her ... I can still smell that smell that reminds me of a real home ..

Like my father, I have always loved to treasure memories, experiences and stories about my family. Today my dream is that in our beloved home, stories will continue to be written, the stories of the new families and friends that will stay there.